Lydia Love, Composer/Choreographer

Intimate Artistry (IntArt) by Lydia Love
"It's the sound of intimacy: a little passion, a little pain"  -Benjamin Coopersmith , photographer

"I've never met a more sensual composer"  -Isabel Kim, clarinetist

People often ask me how classical music can be erotic.  And before I began this piece, I didn't know either.  In order to imagine erotic music, I needed musicians with sensual awareness.  First, I asked each musician to be a complete person while playing their instrument, not simply being a neutral vessel.  Secondly, I ask them to not project musical ideas for an audience's consumption and instead let sounds be a byproduct of a sensual relationship with their instrument.  From there, we begin to play together.  We explore archetypal relationships creating an emotional experience.  We play to each other, against each other, supporting each other, exploring each other.  We play in love, in lust, in pain, in longing.  We are not painting a picture or telling a story about people experiencing these emotions.  We are those people.  We are experiencing those emotions firsthand, in that moment.  We develop a heightened awareness of each other's emotional space through the music and go on an intimate journey.  Our journey is based on genuine experience without regard for musical esthetic or concerns like being impressive or interesting.  All we strive for is staying present and aware.  What yields from this emotional rigor is an intense experience of expressive intimacy.  The audience is invited to witness this.

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