Dysfunction: An Evening of Autobiography, Conflict, and New Sound

When difference is equated with dysfunction, a shroud of "normalcy" smothers some of us in shame. In this two-woman show, classical musicians Sara Banks and Martha Cargo of the Intimate Artistry Performance Troupe unravel that shame in stunningly brave autobiographical text. Music in counterpoint with dialogue journeys from conflict through compassion and into a realm of healing and understanding beyond the capacity of words alone.

The show will be performed at WOW Cafe Theater on November 10, 11, 17, 18 and 19 at 8 PM. Tickets may be purchased here at the FAB website. There will also be an Artists' Talk on November 9 at 7 PM with refreshments, free to anyone with a ticket to the show.

Cast and Crew:
Sara Banks - Cello, piano
Martha Cargo - Flute

Concept by Sara Banks
Director: Keri Seymour
Stage Manager: Zoey Howe
PR: Karly Fischer & Kirin Stevens
Lighting Designer: Sir Real
Panel Facilitator: Lee Naught
Produced by Passionate Persuasions and Lydia Love Productions

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